Saturday, June 6, 2015

DIY Jar Pendant Labels

Oh pantry… I don't miss you (sorry!)
When I knew we were making the switch from pantry to jars, we were going to have to label them somehow.  

There are lots of lovely DIY things online, but a lot of them involve variations of stickers, chalkboard paint or etching.  All of these seemed a little bit too permanent, and also kind of overwhelming for the jars themselves.  I wanted the jars to be what you saw, not big black labels.

And what if one day, we run out of graham cracker crumbs but instead fill the jar with marshmallows?!  The chaos that would ensue without the jar being properly labelled was too much to take :)  And no, we won't have a jar of marshmallows…. not for long anyways.

So here's what I found instead!

Karen at The Art of Doing Stuff mentioned jewelry pendants in one of her posts, and my vision met reality.  I would be able to make all the ones that I wanted to, change them out as needed, and they'd be small enough not to take over.  Sweet.

SO, I put together a "kit" from a store on Etsy, and they arrived safe and sound from the USA.   After printing the labels, gluing the glass down, then trimming/sanding and gluing them into the base... I was one step away from knowing the difference between sugar and salt in this house.

And then, the next morning… they were blue.  WTF.  I was so mad.  There's no explanation for it as the dye doesn't just come from the words I had printed.  Argh.

At any rate, I ordered more pieces, waited (months) until my anger had subsided, and this week, managed to put them all together and on the jars!  Woohoo!

It'll be nice when the kitchen 'pantry' is built, as the jars can go right up in their spot without ever having to guess which was salt and which was sugar again :)


  1. Cutest labels ever! Those look great. I wonder what happened with the blue colour? Strange.

    1. I wish I knew what happened! It would have been less daunting doing them again if I knew how to avoid it.

  2. Classiest pantry I ever did see!

    1. Just you wait until it's actually done…. those jars will be all dressed up with somewhere to go!