Sunday, June 28, 2015

Rain rain, go away

Thought I'd give you a quick garden update, despite the ongoing rain in this area.  Yesterday I braved going out there with a poncho on to get some things done… but one can only make so much progress under what GW has called "British tanning weather", lol.

In addition to general upkeep, we're also in the middle of redoing/finishing our front step.  Nothing drastic, and I forgot to take a before picture (grrr) but I've included a quick snap of the "in between" phase.  Hopefully it'll be 80% done (as far as anything seems to get around here) by next weekend.

Every year we have thrown down some veggie seeds to try and beef up our local production instead of grabbing them at the store every week.  I've only been successful in growing enough for work snacks for me, but this year I sowed almost 3x the green beans I usually do.

We also have peas in the pod again, and zucchini which is new to us this year.  We did tomatoes and peppers last year, and didn't find much benefit from either, so we're moving on.  We should really try to grow asparagus as it tastes great on the bbq, but I've read it can be quite unruly… and there's already enough of that in our 'affectionately' named Jumanji.

Our "driveway beans"   ~   the zucchini, partially thinned   ~   and our late started peas in the pod

Beans already!   ~   A juniper I rescued from the driveway   ~   Sneak peek of the front step

Hopefully today will be filled with motivation to get some things done downstairs in the Waugh Woodshop.  I feel like I've gotten stalled down there, but I really want to get moving to keep my inspiration fresh.  It's been a long month for migraine drama, but hopefully July bring smoother weather - cross your fingers!

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