Monday, October 26, 2015

Waugh Woodshop: Quilt Rack

I'm sure you remember your Grandma having one of these back in the day.  Well, call me old fashioned (a lot would) but in getting some of the hand-me-down quilts, and a few newer ones ourselves, I thought I should find a rack to put them on display.  Could I find one I liked?  Nope.  So I made it  :)

I found this photo online of an antique shaker-type quilt rack and it looked like a perfect way to keep ours stored and on display all at once.  I found the picture two years ago… it took me two years to get around to it.  Sheesh.  Thank goodness for Pinterest - a place to keep my visions until my hands catch up to my imagination!

I had to make ours a little shorter, as I wanted it to fit underneath the angled ceilings of our master bedroom.  As a result, we have space to hang 6 quilts/blankets instead of 9… and I also made the middle section wider to accommodate our big winter duvet.

For the first time in a while, I went with something other than pine.  I'm pretty sure the original inspiration photo shows it made of pine, but I had the opportunity to try poplar this time and liked it.  It's a harder wood so I didn't worry about hammering the pieces together as you can see that I notched out the vertical pieces to put in the horizontal ones.

Here it is making a difference in our bedroom, although it's one quilt short as I'm already using the quilt we got as a wedding gift.  I doubt we'll ever really put it away, but the folding design means that it won't be a huge pain to store.  The tri-fold style also allows me to hide some decor pillows behind it instead of throwing them on the couch until we make-up the bed.  Once I get our headboard done (another two years maybe?  kidding… I hope) then we'll likely keep the pillow on there nightly, but for now, they don't sit right anyways so it's not really worth it.

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  1. It's the perfect height for your slopey ceiling bedroom! Nice!

    1. That was actually the first measurement I cut… and then the horizontal pieces were simply the leftover material from cutting the height ;) It really helps take over a section of that ever-so-long bare wall