Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Waugh Woodshop: "Arrow" table

With Pinterest inspiring the nation, I was contacted about building a dining room table based on a coffee table that the client had seen on Pinterest.  Challenge accepted!

This project had a lot of steps to it, which meant I couldn't do it all in one go (which was a bit of pain), but it also meant that I could do it around whatever else was going on in life.

After I got the design done, I started building it from the point of the 'arrows' outward.  I chose to do it at a 45deg angle as the 40deg, 50deg and 60deg didn't look right.  I left the length of them alone, and focused on trying to make the widths random.  I think I used five different widths for the project.

Once I had sanded everything down, I chose four different stain colours and again, tried to be random about which pieces got each colour.  I also left some unstained as the plan was to sand the whole project smooth as a next step, and then do a 'wash' of a fifth colour to catch all the pieces that got sanded back to natural.

I glued, and nailed (from the side like installing hardwood flooring) all of the pieces onto the main plywood board that was serving as the base of the whole thing.  Then I had to sand it all flat, taking off whatever edges were rough enough to tip a drinking glass if it wasn't set in the right spot.

I want to say that the sanding was probably the scariest part, but I also had to trim all the edges flush… it turned out the scariest part was putting that 'wash' of stain over everything.  I had gotten used to how the table looked, and then to put another colour over everything that I had already done was a bit of a risk.  It turned out okay though!  And with four coats of poly, some 4x4 legs which the new owners painted themselves… the table was ready to welcome family at their home!

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  1. Wow! Impressive! Nice touch that the clients got to contribute by doing some leg work.

    1. Thanks! and I like what you did there, very punny ;)

  2. Very nice. Looks great with the black legs. Good job. L - D.

    1. Merci! I can't wait to find the time to try other patterns