Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lady-Do: March 24th

So, my Mum and I have the same sort of motivation and inclination attitude when it comes to certain projects.  Our men are for sure our muscle, but when we put our two minds into motion about a task, it gets done PDQ (pretty darn quick).  Example:  Dad goes to a car show for an afternoon, we haul out the paint while he's gone and change an area of the house.  We don't think about it, we don't plan it, we just do it.

Well, we've both written a list of chores or reno work that needs to be done but is not getting done by itself, or by ourselves on our own, and then we take alternate weekends every few weeks to get something done on the other's list.

This weekend it was my turn, so we headed to Home Depot and got our brushes out to head upstairs.

As I had done all the taping myself for this area, I wanted to be sure that we had done the priming on it before I had the chance to consider whether or not I had the skills to do the rest of the room.  Alas, I do not, but what I did accomplish wasn't bad for a first try.  I've learned a couple tricks and imagine that my next try would be a bit better . . . . but given that the "next try" is TWICE as large as what I already did, I'm not up for it.  SO, we'll be shelling out more money to hire a pro (GRRR).

Once we had the priming done, we had some lunch to let it dry and then popped back up there again.

There it is!  That's the first attempt at a colour choice for our full bedroom. The closet will actually be installed in the painted area (HUGE closet, eh!?) and then the bedroom will be in the front half.  Our carpenter had said that he was aiming for the end of March to install the closet, so we had to get moving!

Once the closet is in, we're going to build a wall to enclose it and create a doorway (and put the box for the light switch somewhere) and then we'll call someone in to do the taping for me (phew) so we can paint the bedroom, install the lights that I found on sale (!) and then we'll be onto the easier parts; furniture, decor, and finally using some of our wedding gifts!  (duvet, sheets, etc)

Hope everyone has had a great weekend!

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