Sunday, April 1, 2012

April 1st Already!

No big surprises, or I guess, April Fool's jokes over here. I think we generally reserve our Sunday mornings for restfulness instead of getting each other riled up :)

We had planned on heading out to the yard today to put a bunch of debris in bags as it's collection week starting tomorrow. Unfortunately, it rained and was kind of cold out. We managed to put all the vines into bundles, and Glenn got the pieces of Japanese Maple cut up, so at least that's something.

While making brunch, I was snooping on the neighbour's house, watching folk take things out.  Now, not totally suspicious as it was Colin's place (elderly man next door) and the items were all seasonal (lawn mower, golf clubs, etc).  I started to wonder when we didn't see Colin himself, passing out his belongings.

I egged Glenn on to go out there and ask what was going on, as my pyjamas weren't really up for public consumption.  GW went over and met with Colin's sister who told him that Colin had fallen in the bathroom on Thursday and she had found him.  He's since been checked into the hospital, and will be moving from there to a nursing home.  Eek.  It gets worse.

His sister told GW that Colin had what's called a "reverse mortgage" where you basically slowly borrow against your house to kind of give yourself a paycheque.  The idea is that when you die, the house sale will cover what you took from the equity as you were living.  Unfortunately, from what Colin's sister said, the bank has advised them that he owes more than the house is worth? Or something to that effect.  So... the family was there taking whatever valuables out they could before the bank locked down the house.  EEK!

Glenn offered up our house for them to put things into if they needed to so that they could get it out of his place before it gets taken.  Sheesh.... such crap.  Stupid banks.

At any rate, this means we're going to get new neighbours (grrrr).  The last time the elderly left on the other side of our place, it was turned into a rental.  We've been lucky that the young guy who moved in this year has been good.  Here's to hoping we get someone else a-ok on the other side.  At least we don't share a driveway . . . . 

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