Monday, April 16, 2012

Closet is done!

Yup, I've said it. The closet is done :) The actual closet that is . . . the wall, etc, still to go, but Jeremy finished the last little bit today and now it's back to us to get moving.

Yesterday, the Worden Reno Duo came down to help us get some more work done upstairs. Thank goodness they did too, for a couple reasons.

We had gone Saturday to Home Depot on a mission to get the wood to build a wall, and the sandpaper/primer to get the drywall closer to done. We got back after lunch and got to work. About 3-4hrs later, both of us tired as stink, we had got most of the sanding done on the 2/3 of the room left, and had done whatever patching was needed. After a great dinner with the Beynons, we conked out.

On Sunday at about 5:20am, I woke up with a migraine, so got some of my medication, got my ice pack and went back to bed. By 8am I was awake again, without head pain but having all the rest of the migraine symptoms. Thankfully motivation outweighed pain, and I trudged out to Home Depot again to get some different sandpaper and an Easter plant for my Mum. I had another bit of a rest while Glenn read the newspaper, and then up we went to get the patching of Saturday sanded off ready to paint.

When M&D arrived, I gladly passed over the wall building to Glenn and my Dad, while Mum and I started priming the walls. I was actually looking forward to building the wall as it was a bit more of a puzzle than it sounds, but my brain wasn't functioning for power tool use :) The closet was of a length that the place to build the wall didn't meet up with a stud in the rafters. Boo. But, the men made magic of it, and a wall is now up! Well, the drywall isn't done, but c'mon, we're experts at that now!

In the photo you can also see our lovely light fixture!  We've got two of them on the bedroom side because it's so long, but the second one hasn't been installed yet.  Like everything else, it can't work right the first time.  The lamp had been installed by someone else and then returned to the store, and they left out a part for attaching it to the electrical box.  Well, we managed to get over to Home Hardware with 5 mins before they closed, and got the screws needed.  We smiled with success and headed home, only to discover that the screws were right for the fixture, but they weren't right for the part that attaches them to the electrical box.  Grrr!  BUT, one light works!  Looks pretty good too I'd say :)

Jeremy came today, as I mentioned, to put a back onto the closets so you can't see the ugly unfinished area behind there.  We're going to make it a storage space, I mean how can you not!?  But we have to figure out how to build functional yet fashionable "doors" there still.  Maybe once my brain recovers, I can ponder that problem too.  If we wanted to get this over with in a couple weeks, we could easily just leave those areas for another time, but it might be unwise in the long run.

You can kind of tell the closets have a full back on them now.

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  1. Love the idea to make the sides into storage! I was going to say the same thing but you're way ahead of me.

    Why not make a shelf above the door, thus?

    OR make a roll-out shelf, thus (only fitted to your space)?