Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ready for the last of the drywall!

Seriously, we are. We're ready for the last of the drywall :)

After putting up the wall last weekend, we had to figure out how to create access panels to allow us to get into the space behind the closet. We half wanted to just put up the drywall and call it a day, but I resisted the urge because I knew we'd regret it in the future. We have a great amount of space in the basement for storage, but it gets damp down there, so we needed somewhere to put things to stay dry.

I spent hours Saturday morning trying to figure out the dimensions of it. I know, just do it - but I wanted to be sure that what we created blended into the natural look and didn't stand out as two utilitarian looking panels.

I came up with a design that will hopefully just look like some trimmed out panels, but that two are actually part of a 36" wide access door. Huge, yes, but we wanted to be able to get our suitcases, etc in there, and had 42" to work with, so why not make use of it, right?

I didn't take a picture of the framing done - oops, but I did get a photo after our hard work today getting the panels done.  Not only did this include a minor re-work of the dimensions while at Home Depot (grr) but this also had us finding catches so that the panel would stay on.  We really hope we don't hear a BANG in the middle of the night as one has fallen off.  Only one way to test them, right?

Next up is the last of the drywall (around the panels) and then taping, mudding, sanding, priming . . .  trim, painting . . . carpet . . . Decor!  The end is near, folks... the end is near.

In other news, Colin's house next door was also emptied out this weekend.  We've decided that we don't really feel up to buying it for a flip/rental combo over the next year and a bit.  We figure that the extra money would be better saved than spent.  It's a scary idea though having it up for sale next door, where it's quite open to our driveway and yard.  That being said, we have to get moving on making our yard look presentable so that nice buyers don't think that we're hobos!

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