Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Closet's In! The puzzle continues...

... So, our amazing carpenter Jeremy was able to get our closet in today - WHEE!

It's def. different than I was picturing, but not in a detrimental way, so we're a-okay there! We have a couple things to be adjusted, and hopefully Jeremy can sort them before he heads off for vacation on the 23rd of this month (that's his pan anyways). We're also going to ad a backing where the shirts go, and a top across the whole thing so that we can use the top portion to store things (blankets, books, etc).

The colour is gorgeous, the fixtures are perfect (from choosing them off an internet catalog!) and the handiwork is amazing. I can't recommend Jeremy enough. He's been great to work with, and creates a great product too.  Here's the link for his J & M Custom Wood Products website.

Our next mystery is to sort out putting a wall up to close it into an actual closet (without a door though).  It sounds simple, but each project has had it's challenges and this is no different.  I swear, the day I learn that nothing will work out right the first time now matter how much preparation you put into it, maybe I'll start to plan less and put more effort into the possible after-challenges.

Here's a teaser photo of what's up there.  Once we get it finished, we'll put up photos of all the details, but we're not there yet.  This is one side, and the other side is a mirror of this one.  Gorgeous dark stained walnut, brushed bronze fixtures... pretty, pretty.  I can't wait to get my clothes up there!  Glenn's less excited, but I think that an end may be near is an exciting thing for him :)

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  1. WOW that looks fabulous!!! You're going to have to go shopping to fill this thing up! Count me in ;)