Saturday, April 28, 2012

Less and less to go

I'm breathing a slight sigh of relief today.  I think that we're super closet to being able to finally throw out all the extra bits of drywall we've been keeping in order to get the walls finished upstairs.  I think we bought 36 sheets overall, in addition to acquiring a couple from M&D Worden, which surprisingly, they don't want back :)

Today I went upstairs while Glenn was gone for the day and managed to put drywall on 3/4 of the last wall.  It took longer than I hoped only b/c it was a lot of angle work, and I wanted to make as few seams as possible.  One half only has 4 seams!  BAM!  Lol.  I got stuck on the last two pieces as there was some sanding that I need Glenn to take care of as a beam was out of alignment with the rest, making the drywall warp/bend, and I couldn't shift the beam at all.  I know, not ideal, but c'mon, we're ready to be done this.  Well, I am.

Once I get the last couple pieces of drywall on, I'll do my taping magic.  Le sigh. . . . oh wait.  We still haven't sorted out the back side of the wall.  Argh!  At least we still have some other construction (trim work) to do up there before we get our carpet order sorted out.

I still have to go get the trim pieces to put on our access panel wall so that the panels themselves are disguised.  It'll certainly be a challenge as there are some complicated angles to figure out and I've never done trim work before, lol.  I also just discovered that best practice is to get the baseboards installed before the carpet (grr) so I guess that'll have to be done ASAP too.  At least it's wood and not drywall :)

Alright, to bring my motivation back into line, here's a little recap:

- pull off trim, tear down drywall, tear down insulation, new roof, rewire for lights, spray-foam insulation, put up drywall (tape, mud, sand, repeat), closet design and installation, build wall, build access panels, drywall around access panels...

Left to do?
- drywall back bits above closet, install trim & handles on access panels, finish priming, finish painting, install baseboards, install window trim, install stair-rail, carpet installation . . . MOVE UPSTAIRS!

You know the second the carpet is done, Pokey and I will be dragging a blanket up there to lay on the floor.... just because :)


So, it's now Sunday and despite getting a few things at Home Depot, we haven't done much more upstairs.  We had a GREAT breakfast with Ed & Sarah to celebrate our friend's 10k run this morning and then this afternoon, Jumanji outdoors required 2.5-3h of attention so that's where we headed.  Glenn got a lot of work done clearing the sand dune out there, and I managed to weed 75% of the patio stones, a bit of one garden section (before the ants swarmed around) and got my veggie garden ready for planting.  I still have to get some new wood to create a lattice, but the soil is ready anyways.

Hope everyone has had a moment or two to enjoy this sunshine :)

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