Saturday, May 5, 2012

My goodness, it's a room again!

Oh the joy, the rapture.

After a busy couple days, with adventures in health care (not GW & I, and everyone's doing okay) and another migraine for me, the light is visible at the end of the tunnel.

Here's a photo to show you the latest upstairs...

(I literally took a deep breath before typing, lol)  The wall between the closet and bedroom is essentially finished in regards to construction.  Glenn was great at figuring out the drywall on the inside of the closet, as the 6" top studs for the wall had to somehow meet the 4" vertical ones.  The closet itself was supposed to be about 4-6" less deep, but we managed to work around it, and have that much more closet now.  You can also see the access panels on there, although they're sort of disguised.  Both 'cubby holes' are actually full of furniture now, lol, as we had to put it all somewhere out of the way while we did the last sanding (ugh).  Glenn's going to work on it tomorrow while I go visiting.

Once the sanding is done, I have to do the last bit of woodwork on the list;  accent trim.  There's going to be some crazy angle-work, but I'm up for the challenge.  I think we can actually paint the whole room before I have to get the trim done anyways, so if it's not figured out right away, that's okay.  Our deadline of "sleep upstairs by the end of May 2-4 weekend" may be appropriate.... but now I'm starting to worry about how long the carpet will take to choose and have installed!

I also wanted to show you a quick shot of the backyard as it is right now.  We haven't done any work on it barely (shame!) and will have to put away our saws and get out our trowels sometime soon.  I think the worst part right now is the fence out front that was knocked apart in the horrible wind, and the driveway that looks like a poorly managed lawn (grass, weeds, etc where a driveway should be).  I really want to just dump chemicals on the driveway to kill everything growing in it, but don't have the heart for that just yet.

So here's the backyard in all it's overgrown glory :)  Oh, if anyone has any ideas about a low ground cover that can handle being walked on and is strong against weeds . . . let us know.  I'm thinking we might as well pull out the grass patch and put down ground cover (or patio stones?)  One thing at a time though, right?

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