Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ahhh... only trim left!

I don't know that we thought we'd ever get here.  Since everything upstairs has had at least two attempts at each thing, I was starting to feel like it was never going to get close to finished.  I've painted, and repainted.... we've had to go to two diff. hardware stores to get a light fixture piece that was missing from the box . . . b/c, you know - having metric in the box means that it won't be what's already in the ceiling.  It was just crazy.

On Friday the 25th, I was up there doing the final putty on the last panel of drywall so that it could get painted out.  In doing so, I noticed a bunch of other random places that needed touch up.  Trust me, I left about 95% of what I saw, but got a few pieces with another layer.

On Saturday we were gladly enjoying a day of rest out at the Farm.  It was Ma Worden's Birthday so we went out for a bbq and got to see some family.  S&T were there as well with Rockette, and we got to celebrate that their offer on a house of interest (put in earlier that morning) was accepted between 2-2:30pm!  Turns out that the house was owned by someone who used to get their accounting done where my Mum worked.  Small world!  The house is gorgeous, and in a great area, with a nice big yard.  It's got all the bits and bobs that I love about this house (hardwood, baseboards, trim, glass door knobs, stained glass, etc) but it's amped up a level from our place here.  And it's bigger!  Lucky ducks :)

On Sunday we were back here for a working-day.  GW managed to head outside once the thunder stopped and got to work pulling the hollyhock plants out of the middle of the driveway.  He planted them along the side where the driveway runs along Colin's yard.  We thought that with all the rain and the lower temperature, they'd be okay.  Well... by Monday night, they looked quite miserable.  They are starting to come back though - at least the smaller ones.  Fingers crossed!  While GW was outside, I was upstairs again.  Sanding, touching up, sanding, measuring the light fixture, more putty, sand, phew!

Monday after work was SOOO hot (41degC w/ humidity) and it was okay upstairs without the air conditioning on (thank goodness)..... until I started painting the last part inside the closet.  O. M. G.  I was so sweaty by the time I got it done.  The only challenge was that I barely had enough paint to finish the space I needed to get done, and didn't want to have to go get more.  I made it though!  Paint inside the closet is done :)  I also managed to clean up the tools, and toss out some bits and bobs of random supplies that weren't worth keeping.  Glenn came up to help after he got back from his run, and packed up bigger things that had to go out to the garbage.

Tuesday was another touch-up day.  GW took control of the shop-vac and cleaned up all the dust up there.  It took ages!  But it's all gone now :)   I had to go back up, and yes... putty, sand, primer and paint.  While putting the paint on the last area last night (at nearly 11pm), the roller had fuzzies on it.  The fuzzies required removing, but in doing so, made a muck of SOMEthing, such that I had to redo it all today.  ARGH.  Also on Tuesday, Sarah & Trevor got a house!  Wheee Toronto forever house!  They get it in a few weeks (was vacant), so I'm sure we'll be out to help/see it at some point.

Today, M&D Worden graciously came out to sit in the house while the carpet guy was doing his thing.  WHEE - it's done!  It's very nice and plush which feels great under the feet, and will hopefully hold up okay.  It's not like it's a huge traffic area, although we'll be in there daily.  The colour is called "coyote" and looks great with the walls and carpet.  He covered over the top of the last step for us too, curled it over, which makes it look much nicer than the connection strip I thought would be there.  Ahhh.  It's also made it super quiet up there which is nice.  Pa Worden also installed our closet light that we picked up at Home Depot.  It looks GREAT!  Although super bright :)  Note to self:  when the bulbs die, 40W is too strong.

Soooooo, here's where we're at!

And... here's what is left to do:
- switch plates
- baseboard trim
- wall accent trim & handles for access panels
- door trim
- window trim

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