Thursday, June 7, 2012

Le sigh

So, another week, another set of details... part done, yet not entirely.

There is an excuse this time though, a valid one.  After a courageous battle with first breast cancer, then lymph node cancer, then most recently, brain tumors, my beautiful Auntie Isobel passed away last week.  It was all too soon for us, but she truly lived a full and wonderful life, leaving many memories and much inspiration behind her.  Le sigh.  So, that was last Thursday (the day after my last post).  There honestly hasn't been much energy going into renovations, etc. since then.

BUT, a couple things have gotten done.  GW was able to go pick up a vanity that I found on kijiji.  It was only $40, with a couple scratches in it, and I have it in my mind that it needs to be refinished but I'm not sure how.  It's currently a cherry kind of colour, which isn't the right match for our closet upstairs.  The stool also isn't needlepoint, so I don't feel guilty about putting a different fabric on it.  Part of me wants to paint the whole thing green . . . . but I think time will give me the inspiration on what to do with it.    I have to get a little lamp for it as well, so I can use it to do my make-up in the morning.  No sense running up/down the stairs once our bedroom is a floor removed from the bathroom.

I also managed to spend some time getting trim painted to put around the window at the top of the stairs.  I unfortunately learned that when the boys were tearing out the trim in the first place, they cracked the trim for the window at the closet end... so I have to get another piece to replace the broken one.  We're heading  to Home Depot once I've finished writing this, so, fingers crossed that they have the same trim still.  I really don't want to have to get a whole new type of trim.  I'm also going to grab some wood to make dividers for the huge drawers in the closet so I can maximize the space.

While we were heading back from staying with Sarah and Trevor in Toronto, we swung in quickly to IKEA to get a few items.  Frame for our wedding collage - check!  garbage bag holder to act as keeper for our gift wrap - check!  12 boxes for decor on top of the closet... Nope.  GW would only let us get 8, so I'm going to have to work on him about that :)  When they're spaced about 6-8" apart, 6 boxes fit on top of one side of the closet quite well.  4 doesn't fit quite the same as it leaves significant gaps in between.  The box itself is fabric-covered, and we got both navy blue and off white.  I'm sure we'll find something to put into them... I was just concerned about the top of the closet looking like an afterthought, collecting all the random crap we felt like tossing up there.  Time will tell!  (it'll also tell if we get the 4 more I think we need :P)

Alright, off to HD again... they're super lucky they don't have a frequent flyer card, as we'd be well into a reward zone by now.

OH, forgot to share that our basement drain that was backing up has been dealt with.  For now.  The guy finally came over today and did an eel thingy down there, and then had GW fill up a couple sinks, and then flush the toilet, and drain all the sinks at once.  It looked okay apparently, so it's laundry time!   I won't miss the 2-3" of water backing up :)

Okay, HD time!

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