Thursday, May 10, 2012

Primer... done!

So, last night we took another step in the right direction.  After much sanding, mudding, sanding, mudding (repeat) . . . we were able to finish putting the primer on everything.  Wheee!  It took just under 2L of primer to complete the area you can see in the photo below.

Before getting all this sorted, we also went to Home Depot to get our carpet stuff sorted out.  There are SO many carpet options!  It's a bit chaotic if you ask me.  We know we can't get anything with a loop in it b/c Pokey's nails will tear it apart.  We also learned the difference between nylon (better) and polyester (cheaper) . . . and that 40oz is more fibres per square inch than 25oz.  We got two samples to bring home, little remnant pieces, and I think we have to figure out how expensive we're willing to go with this to ensure we get what we want.  The other clincher will be the timeline that they give us for installation - if we have to wait more than two weeks, we won't be moving up there by May 2-4 weekend (boo) but if they can get it done before that, our carpet options become a bit more limited o what they have in stock.  That being said, the two sample we have are from in stock choices.

SO, Friday we're going to have a paint & wine Partay with Casey.  She's super pumped to paint. . . thank goodness someone is as I think being on step 28 has waned our excitement a little bit.  I know my enthusiasm will return when the closet is shiny and new again.  It's gotten a bit dusty in the latest adventures in drywall, no matter how we tried (or didn't try on alternate days) to protect it.  I think I'm going to go get one of those cans of compressed air to blow out a keyboard to make sure that all the dust is from the crevices, and then swiffer the stink out of it over and over and over . . . etc.

Tonight is Glenn's final concert at school, so I have a date with Sherry (Beynon) to have a girls dinner while being serenaded by the bands and choirs (Glenn & Jeff are going to be conducting during the dinner soiree).  And then this weekend, it's Andrea's baby shower (Yay!) on Saturday, and Mother's Day on Sunday.  I think the last steps of the upstairs are going to have to wait.

Oh, we also got a couple trellises at Home Depot last night to try and get the vegetable garden looking a little more respectable.  Of course, like everything else we do, they don't fit into the framework there by about 4" so adjustments must be made.  Sheesh.  BUT, soon the green beans will have a place to start growing instead of a bucket in the kitchen!

Happy almost weekend, everyone!

You can see the two storage panels off, with furniture in both sides!

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