Sunday, June 10, 2012

The little things...

This weekend has been about getting a few little things off the list.  While Sarah & Trevor are doing the big purchase items, I'm getting around to having bit and pieces marked off our list.

One big-ticket item to share first.  Andrea, one of my bridemaids, had her baby on June 8th!  Baby Hayley arrived happy and healthy.  Can't wait to see more photos!

Friday night after work, I hopped into my Durango and went out to Dorchester to set up a wedding.  Actually, at the same location as where Andrea's wedding was!  I was there from 9pm until after 1am trying to get things set up, and we didn't even finish!  Amy returned the next morning to sort out the last few bits.  She was our wedding coordinator and has asked me to help set up some of her other clients.  It wasn't easy work, but it was fun.  I think I definitely enjoy the DIY stuff more leading up to the big day, and the set-up more than the big day itself, which is something good to know.  I'm not helping out with Aeolian Hall anymore as they wanted to actually hire me on, but I was worried that it'd come with more responsibility and less control than I wanted.

Anywho, Saturday morning, GW headed out to Guelph to see Joel & Jill for a visit.  While he was gone I did some trim work upstairs, and quite a bit of gardening.  I got some of the driveway done which involves pulling out the weeds over a certain height - it'll never look nice again until we actually have concrete poured.  After the driveway, I went at it in the backyard.  Still a work in progress, but it was too hot to get too far.

Today GW headed out front to stain the inside of our fence.  Yay!  He got halfway through before having had enough of it.  He's just out now getting more propane so we can have the first bbq of the season at our place.  It's a super hot day, again, so keeping the heat outside instead of turning the stove on will be nice.  We did turn the a/c on for the first time today, just so we can keep it at 78deg in here... and to keep the ridiculous humidity out!

Today I managed to get the last piece of trim onto the one window.  I also got some wood filler so am going to try and rebuild the piece that was broken when GW and Jeff removed it from the other window.  I also got some plants today to fill in a couple of the spots that I had weeded out.  I know, why would I EVER buy plants!  For all the perennials I have here, there's not a lot of flowering ones... so I'm adding a bit of pop to the yard.  I know there were more here when I moved in, flowers I mean, but I haven't seen some of them in a couple years.  Oh well, such is the change of a garden gone a little wild.  I also managed to make a garlic/pepper spray to put onto a plant that's getting eaten . . . only to break the sprayer.  Awesome.  I'm starting to think I should call this blog "if you do it once, be prepared to do it twice".

In other news,  I found something on Pinterest that will hopefully help me get into the concept of daily cleaning.  I grew up in a house where cleaning wasn't a habit, but a chore (which is sooo much more tolerable) so to try and motivate the clean-machine in this place isn't easy.  The gal's list on Pinterest was a bit more than I could get into - it seemed to be a deep clean each week which I'm soooo not ready for, lol.  I adapted it to be a once every two weeks kind of thing.  I'm not sure how long we'll stick with it, but it's worth a shot!

So, here's to the coming weeks of clean and green!

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