Thursday, June 21, 2012

A little bit more

I think that might be the new motto - a little bit more . . . each day, each week.

Going on yesterday's motivation of "I've had enough", we got a little bit more done today.  I have been saving up revealing the awesome parts of our new closet, but after what we did today, it feels like it's worth sharing now.

Not only is it gorgeous, but it's also huge and allows us to put in all the fun things we want to, or that I want to.  Glenn isn't as pumped (during the design process) as I am, but he at least is enthusiastic once they're details are actually in!

The first one is the ironing board.  Yup, I designed it to have an ironing board in the furthest closet on GW's side.  The matching closet on my side is for dresses, so it was obvious he wouldn't have the same.  We turned his into a linen closet, so will be using it to store mostly our bed linen, and the ironing board and iron.  What goes on which shelf is still a mystery to me, but we'll get there.  For now, here's a pic of the ironing board - so awesome!!

Pull it out, unfold it, et Voila!  Ironing board!! (yup, plug on the wall right underneath)

Since the drawers are so HUGE, I've been able to add a divider into them so that I can keep my tinier bits separated.  I went and got some nice, thin boards, and cut them into two pieces.  One goes lengthwise, the other is underneath at the back so that it supports the vertical divider.  I didn't actually glue them to the drawer, but left them floating so that I could take them out in the future if I need to.  They're not quite dry yet, so I'll have to wait a bit until I can use them.

The other thing that we put up tonight was Glenn's tie rack.  He used to put them all on a hanger, and it was such a muck (in my opinion) so I wanted something classier for him.  We found this at IKEA in the bathroom section.  It's supposed to be used for towels to keep them nice and tidy, but seeing the ties on there, it doesn't feel like it'd work that great to air out four towels.  Each arm swivels a whole 90deg to the back of the closet, and flattens out to the side of the shelving to be nice and neat and tidy (which makes me happy :P)

While I was doing the building stuff, Glenn was sorting through the baseboards downstairs, and managed to piece together what he thinks should go on each wall.  Hopefully he's right!  Once I paint them, we'll know :)

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