Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Worst. . . and carrying on

So, last weekend Glenn went off to the Boys Weekend (with his work) and I took the time to have a quiet night in on the Friday, and then headed for visits on the Saturday/Sunday.  I had a great sushi lunch and fantastic catch up with Kelly, poolside at the Boys' place.  Herb was also there, so he and I got to catch up a bit, although Thomas was out working.  A Real Estate agent's work is never done.

From there, Pokey and I went to the Farm for a visit and a Lady Do weekend.  We helped my Mum paint the spindles on the stairs going to the 3rd level.  Over Saturday night and Sunday we managed to get all spindles sanded, and then with two coats of crisp white paint.  She's going to do the rest in a dark brown which should give those stairs a nice face lift.

At around 4pm, Glenn was trying to get a hold of me, as he had come home from his weekend away and came upon the unfortunate discovery that our house had been broken into.  At first glance, it looked like they had only taken our laptops and a couple other things . . . but after I got home, I was able to confirm that lots and lots of my stuff was taken.  Dresses, boots, make-up, jewelry, video camera, cables, car keys, etc.  They had tried to get in the back door, then tried to get into the kitchen window, then finally broke the basement window and went in through there.  The house itself wasn't trashed, which was good, but still.  For me the worst part isn't that someone was in here, it's that they took both my MACs and also the external back-up hard drive . . . so now I have NO memories or documents or videos, etc.  It's hard to think about it, b/c you have the back-up for a reason.  Well, you buy it for a reason such as this . . . and then when it's stolen, nada.  6+ years, gone.  Hopefully friends and family will have time this summer to burn whatever memories of ours/us that they have onto data CDs so we can have them all again.  I'm sure downloading lots from the internet would be an option, but it'll take me AGES. 

Anyways, this week has been filled with getting the house put back together, getting our list together for insurance, working, and actually it was also Glenn's last week of class so we had a couple of social commitments to enjoy.  I've been a zombie, and in addition to all the other crap of the past month, I broke a tooth on Tuesday night.  Dislike.  At least I was able to get my back molar fixed before the dentist went on vacation!

SO . . . I have no way to post pictures of what we're doing next around Jumanji, but we're getting more bits finished and getting prepared for Dining Barn 2.0 next weekend.

We got our new bed on Thursday, so I painted the baseboards today.  It's great how fast they dry on a 30degC day :)  Glenn helped me install them upstairs, and low & behold... they don't fit right.  Lol, what else is new.  I think this will always be a challenge reusing product instead of throwing it out and buying brand new.  I can't stand the thought of things going to a landfill if they don't have to - so 'make it work' is how we'll get things done.  I really do encourage people to reuse before they repurchase... imagine you had to keep all the things you threw away in your backyard.  That'll make you think twice for sure!

We also got our bed put together, and it looks great!  It's very simple, but just right for the space.  We plan to put the mattress up tomorrow, and be sleeping up there for Canada Day!  Before the end of today though, we're going to hit up Home Depot to replace my gardening gloves (grr) and to check out the size of some concrete blocks we want (well, I want) for a couple benches I'm putting together before next weekend.  I swear.  I'm going to do it.  We need the seating as we're having 11 total for dinner; Dining Barn 2.0!!

Off to Home Depot and Jumbo Video... moooovie night!

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