Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pull up y'er boots!

That was today's stress after work... time to pull up our boots and get something done.  I've hit a wall in regards to my tolerating that we haven't gotten anywhere in weeks.  It's a good sign, and yet a frustrating one as the devil truly is in the details.

I've already done the one window's trim so far, but it was just a matter of making minor adjustments to get it back up where it had already been.  It's still not perfect, but I'm sure I'll fiddle with it as time goes on.

I'm most intimidated by having to put the baseboards back up.  It shouldn't be hard... it's not even detailed woodwork, but it keeps intimidating me.  I broke it down into little steps, and got at least one of them done today.  I substituted the second step I was supposed to do and instead put the handles on our panels and got them put up on the wall.  They need trim too, but it's more detailed.  Anyone super good at trim work?  Window, panels (x6), baseboards, trim around doorway, trim inside upper closet.  Argh. Once I get going it won't be so bad, right?

SO, in my frustration, poor GW got into trouble for not having moved any of his clothes upstairs.  Every day, he goes to the basement in search of clothes to wear, so I had suggested that he just go upstairs instead.  He disagreed at this suggestion yesterday, and today my argument of "for me to feel better it needs to look like we're getting somewhere". . . well, my argument won out.  I also think he felt badly that he couldn't do the baseboards for me to take away that frustration.  Well, his stuff fits up there so well, and looks great!  I'm going through all of mine, trying it all on, and getting rid of some.  I also have to put some drawer dividers in before I put a lot of stuff up there, so I guess that's something else I can do while procrastinating about the woodwork.

BUT, here's the latest look!  Just missing woodwork, then a bed and we're goooood to go!

Pokey in our new room at night, all lit up

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