Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy 145th Birthday Canada!

That's right!  Everyone's favourite Lady, Canada, is 145 years old today.  This year the celebration is also focused on the anniversary of the War of 1812 (take that!)

First thing this morning, I was up to turn off the alarm system (still a bit afraid to set it off by accident), and then it was time to get moving upstairs again.  We got the mattress up there, and then after lunch we got most of the bedding put together too.  Glenn took the ol' hoover up there to get the last bits of carpet while I did some ironing of a wedding gift duvet set (finally!).  We then carried the antique couch upstairs, and I survived with only one skinned knee. 

I'd love to share a photo, but alas, camera cable and computer are gone.  It still makes me sick to my stomach to actually 'say' it.  This gal's gonna need some therapy!  Or at least a few good cries about it, with someone else responsible for putting it all back to the way life was.

Okay, back on track . . . SO, I'd love to share a photo because we can't get over how huge it is up there!  We've got a queen sized bed, the antique sofa, a vanity set, and STILL have ample space to run around with Pokaroo. 

Our 'finished' bedroom!  Still bits and pieces to go, but we'll get there!

We also hopped in the car today to go out to the Farm to pick up Pokaroo, and to see Ma & Pa Worden for lunch.  We had a quick visit and came back here to take the sofa up, bedding, etc. 

I hope everyone has a chance to see some fireworks tonight!

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