Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Glenn's away, Betty plays!

Well, Glenn was still here on Friday, and Joel too, and they definitely went out to play.  Apparently after having a few beverages here, they walked to dinner at the Bungalow (a local pub-like place for us) and then continued on to downtown.  I think they were able to count 5 bars in their pub crawl type of night... including a few throw backs.  I had a good giggle Saturday morning hearing about their adventures :)  They were home not too late, but GW being as zonked as he was, I ended up sleeping on the floor with Pokey.  Thank goodness the carpet up there is a nice one - it really was quite comfy!

Saturday GW took off to Peterborough with Joel to see the rest of the boys for Saturday night.  Once I got myself moving in the morning, I headed to the Goodwill to drop off a box of donations (one box at a time, that's my mantra) and then went to pick up the DVD "Friends with kids" for Casey and I later that night.

From there it was off to Home Depot to wait for nearly 3/4 of an hour while "Barb" searched for the window film I had called over to confirm was there not 2hrs earlier.  I had spoken with her too, so assumed my saying "when I was there a few days ago, the guy couldn't find it" as a sign that she should look as I would be "coming over after lunch".  She didn't get the motivation in time, so I waited... and waited... and waited... and finally had said that I would wait as long as it took because I didn't want to pay double for the stuff that was out on display.  She couldn't find the one they apparently had 10 of, so instead gave me a 25% discount on the other one.  Whee!  It's a nearly clear window film that cuts out UV rays and heat.  We're going to use it on the windows upstairs to try and protect our clothes, and to help the a/c a little bit.

In case you didn't see it on the post some weeks ago . . .  here's our AMAZING bedroom.
See?  Soft carpet... good for Pokey, good for sound!
A couple other quick errands and I was home to have a bite to eat and then headed out front to paint the banister again.  It really is taking ages.  I'm sure if I sat down and played at it for an entire day, it'd be done, but I don't want it to be painful.  We're also waiting to have a welder come and do a couple of touch-up points on broken spots, so I can't fully finish it even if I did put the hours in.  It's looking great though, the parts that are done, so piece by piece, it's getting there.  I'll have to start keeping an eye on kijiji now for a bistro set for out there... ooh, or a bench?  I'll share photos once the camera cable arrives.

Saturday night Casey and I had a good giggle, walked to Waltzing Weasel for grub, then headed back this way.  En route, while we were walking, Casey stopped short and made some remark of "oh!".  I didn't initially see what she was looking at, as I was busy pondering the tarping under a rock garden... so was confused as to why she found it so shocking.  LOL.  What she actually found shocking was the deer standing about 4 feet from there.  Eek!  We took a photo, and then she was worried it'd run into the road, so I chased it off to a deeper spot where it had been grazing.  We polished off our night with home-made McFlurry treats, and the DVD.  It wasn't too bad, but not a "LOL" kind of flick.

Notice the deer... not the 'rock garden' that I was looking at :)
It actually was quite close... the camera distorted the distance a bit.

Sunday I was blessed with a migraine (thanks Ma Nature) so had to cancel my Dad coming out to help with the RX8.  He was going to help me change out the back lights, as I had gotten that new pair to replace the one filled with water, and the other cracked by the racoon attack a few months back.  Well, instead I was camped out in bed/on the couch until Glenn came home from up North.  Such a waste of a day.

Monday was Glenn's last teaching day of summer school, and the lucky boy got to spend all night marking.  I don't know when he came to bed, to be honest, but when we woke up this morning, he confirmed he was totally done!  YAY!  He submitted his marks this morning and reviewed grades with the kids... now he's done for a month.  Lucky.

Tuesday we found out that the insurance stuff is still steps away (seriously? ridonk).  Again, the one thing I can suggest is to document, document, document anything that's of any value to you.  Wherever you document it, back it up somewhere else.  Argh.  GW also had a chance to help me change out the RX8 lights after I found a tutorial online.  It was such a great DIY that it didn't take too long at all to change out both lights!  SO, tomorrow I go to get the temporary plates, and then off to Mazda to get it certified and prepared for resale.  Le sigh.  BUT, I'm not driving it.... Someone else should, another young dreamer maybe?

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