Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Last 30 Days - actually, the last 5

So... over 30 days I've been torturing myself (I started writing this on Day 1... and will tell you how I called it quits at Day 5.  No sense in feeling failure for another 25 days, right?)

Before the wedding last year, I got through two weeks of the Jillian Michael's 30-day Shred exercise video.  It was amazing!  I found the video online, and did it as prescribed, with great success.  I noticed a difference between Day 1 and Day 5 (of doing the same exercises), and then between Day 10 and Day 13 again.  I got lost somewhere after that, as the wedding was becoming a priority and my motivation went to double checking lists, packing up DIY decor, etc.

This time around, I'm trying a different program for my fitness fancy.  This is one that I had seen ages ago, and held it in my head as "one day I'll be able to get through two repetitions of what she can do 10 of, and I'll be buff too".  Right now (Day 1), it feels like an absolute impossibility, but I'm at least going to try. is what's going to whip me into shape.  I was lucky enough to find that they started a 30 day program as a New Year's Resolution this past year.  I knew I wasn't going to start when they did (I was busy enjoying all-inclusive luxury on our honeymoon), so I made a bookmark to do it later on.  A few months late is better than never, right?

Day 1 (Oct 15th) - The fitness test.  Before doing this, I was seriously craving a bowl of my PC Lotsa cherry & chocolate chunk ice cream that I've been savouring.  After the 7 minute torture, I was pretty confident I'd throw up whatever savoury or sweet treat my brain wanted... so I'm having water instead. Ok, I managed to enjoy a Special K snack thingy... 100 calories.  That's okay I guess.

Day 2 - So, I've done something to my right knee.  It's popping when I bend and straighten it... Hmmm.  Going to avoid BodyRock today, noting that there's quite a bit of bending involved.  Ice tonight, exercise tomorrow.

Day 2b (Oct 17th) - Screw you, Ma Nature.  Headache = soup for dinner, couch thereafter.  Come. On.


I forgot to add.... ne judge pas!

Sooooo, last week was a total bust.  It's Saturday now, and I never got Day 2 completed.  The weather this week went from hot, to fall chilly, rainy to sunny, and put my head in a miserable state.  Not only mine, dear Kelly (who also had her dress on recently - holla!) was feeling the trauma too.  Le sigh.  The plight of being a human barometer.  Even this morning I'm a bit zonked, despite sleeping in an extra hour and a half.  The weather is definitely soppy-wet.

I guess 30 days isn't happening right now.

BUT, other things have . . . .

A) I fit into my wedding dress last weekend!!!

and Sit!
(although this was not comfortable :P)
I had just rewired a light switch, and noticed my wedding dress hanging in a nearby closet.  Glenn was away, and I thought it was the most opportune time to try and squish myself (miserably) into the zip up (not lace up) dress and pout about how after only 1 year, it didn't fit. I think it must be a magic dress (for reasons other than the obvious) as I know I have pants and work clothes from last year that don't fit.... But the dress does!!??!!  WHEE :)


B) I've been getting work done on my craft room downstairs.  I'll do more work this weekend and post an update for everyone.

Happy Weekend!

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