Monday, November 26, 2012

Someone put it into words

I'm sure a lot of you know of my love for old homes... and my obsession with keep the original parts of the home where I can.  Nope, that bathroom floor isn't going anywhere.  Nope, I won't change the kitchen faucet from a wall-mount to a more easily sourced counter version.

My parents have sent many hours learning from Chris Cooper, who in addition to his restoration projects and his Edifice Old Home Magazine, has put together episodes of Old Home Television.  They tell the stories of folk involved in restoration, and this week it's about old windows.  Just in time!  A little motivation to get me back down to the basement. is where you can find the webisode, and understand a bit of what drives me to maintain rather than replace.

ALSO... you'll enjoy a quick clip of my parents in there, being silly :-P   You have to watch the episode before Dec 3rd though, as it'll be onto the next video at 6pm that day!

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  1. What a lovely video about the old windows! Now I think I understand why you want to restore rather than replace yours. There is a bit near the start where your Mom is working on a window, and later standing in the window frame. What house is that? It doesn't look like the farm...Cute bit at the end.

    1. Neat eh? The house is the one that they had helped with to learn some skills. They refer to it as Blenheim Farm, but it's up the 401 towards Cambridge (I think that's the one).

  2. Correct. They call it the Blenheim Farm but it's actually just east of Drumbo. Old houses are great but it's a labour of love. Not many can afford to pay the high costs for the labour involved.