Sunday, January 20, 2013

Another Pinterest Project

Maybe that's what I should be calling my POW moments; APPs (Another Pinterest Project).  They're turning into less of a "Project on a Whim", and more of a "look what I found on Pinterest" and then a "phew, I finally got around to doing that thing off Pinterest".

This time it's another organizational item, but also something to enjoy too!

Before the break-in, I had been working to create photo books of the past 4 years.  Someone on Pinterest had been doing it diligently and has stock piled a yearbook of their photos each year as you can see below.  It's a great idea for being able to enjoy our photos again, instead of only having them on the computer.

When we got married, I did photo books through iPhoto for our parents and ourselves.  I found them to be nice quality, not too huge for storing, and affordable.  They arrived quickly too!

SO, I've started to do them again!  It's been an extra challenge, given that we lost all our photos back in June (grrr break-in) so I feel like I haven't quite gathered all the photos of the past years yet.  I have gathered them back from my Mum, and some online albums of friends, but am missing a lot still.  Ho-Hum.  (the kicker is the photos were backed up on an external drive, and they found that too... seriously?  Isn't that in a code of criminals somewhere?  Take the 3 computers, but leave the back-up drive).

ANYWAYS, here's what my Saturday afternoon looked like!

It's fantastically easy through iPhoto.... but I'm sure if you had the time or inclination, you could find an online program which would be just as simple.  You can change the layouts, colours, add captions, etc. I learned (by the end) that it's easiest to count up the photos from any individual event, and then figure out the layout from there.  If I have 13 photos, it's going to be one squishy page or two more spread out ones.  Duh.  I guess I wasn't working with all my marbles yesterday.

Alrighty, off to work on 2011!

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  1. Yay this looks like such fun! I've never used iPhoto for this purpose before but perhaps this will go on my to-do list too... Thanks for sharing!

    1. It was kind of fun :-) On a cold day with a glass of tea beside me, I was good to go! I might try to do 2011 right away also to save on shipping.

  2. I tried to find something like this for those of us who don't have a Mac, but haven't found anything that stacks up yet. Good job!