Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Craft Room: Bum Ba Da Daaaaaa!!!!

I've waited a while to share this with you, the big reveal of the Craft Room excitement!  I wanted to make sure I had a chance to get the little bits and pieces done, and a couple of them took longer than I wanted them to (standard process around here).

BUT!  I'm ready!!!!!  Are you?!

First, I highly recommend that if you don't have an area in your home to be creative, that you get started on making yourself one.  Make it somewhere away from all the regular noise and hub-bub, so it can be a place for you to concentrate on that other side of yourself.  The next thing to get done around here is the music room, which will be GW's creative space, so then we'll each have a room to be creative in.  But here's mine!


It was a closet, kind of, beyond our laundry room.  Too many months, and $250 later (give or take a few screws and brackets, plus a couple of bar stools)... it's now a Craft Room!

Yaaaaaayyyy!  You'll have to excuse the mess on this side of the island.  I haven't done my organizing in there yet, and those things aren't in their proper home.   I also have to do something with the storage tower... and haven't finished hanging things on my huge empty wall.

Enjoy a few more pictures while I keep at it  :)

Some cute storage
Sewing table
View from the work island

Storage tower (half empty)
Thought boards & storage
Enough storage?

As you can see, lots of storage... although none of it has been arranged or unpacked yet.

I also am a firm believer that every UWO Alumni should have some Western purple in their home.... there's mine!!  We also have purple tulips, but don't get to enjoy them for very long each year  :)

Looking at the pictures, I feel my craft room isn't as girly or pretty as many others I see online, but I'm also not your average crafting girl.  What's my first project down there?  Finishing that wood window I'm redoing.  You'll find my shelves and bins aren't full of scrapbook paper or ribbon, but wood strippers, hardware and yes, even some craft items.  So this room really works for me.

Tell me about your room - do you have one?  A place where you can make a mess but not disrupt the world... or have your own basement dance party while your hubby listens to CBC radio upstairs?  It doesn't have to be a craft room, but a place where you can let that 'other' part of your brain breathe.

If you don't have a room like that, start dreaming!  And don't be afraid to ask me for help if you get stuck while trying to create your own space.  Maybe you don't have a room to use, but only a spare closet or spare corner?  I'd love to help you imagine what you could make... that's one of my favourite things to do!