Saturday, January 5, 2013

POW: Episode 4 (Photo shelves)

So, Pinterest strikes again in this POW (Project On a Whim)!  This project has been one I've had my eye on for ages, but I had to wait out some house rearranging and budget flexing, etc.

POW #4 - "Wedding photo display"

Here's what I originally got inspired by, a pin that showed vintage photos on a few shelves.  I thought it was a great way to cover a wall, and display unique pictures.  I knew I'd have a wall free, in the guest room... and knew I'd also have family photos available to use!

For our wedding, our Mum's graciously scoured to find pictures of each wedding that lead to ours.  It wasn't an easy task, I'm sure, but now we have them all, and after using them in the wedding I thought it was a shame to just leave them in a box downstairs.




Ta Da!

Now, I'm not totally pleased with them, but I think it'll take time to gather the frames I'd like, and the extra bits too.  All of our photos were 5x7, which is too big to do a multi-display like this.  I'm going to reprint some of the pictures when I get different frames.

My suggestions?
- gather frames every time you go somewhere like Winners or Home Sense, it would have been nice to have a lot to choose from
- when you're hanging the shelves, know that you're going to have to do it a few times... oops
- don't be afraid to fiddle with it as time goes on.

That last suggestion is what I know will keep me sane as I catch myself itemizing the things I want to change already, lol, but the idea's there!

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