Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Oh the weather outside is...

...well, today it's really quite cold actually.  This morning the walk to the bus was through "feels like -16deg C" weather.  Brrrr!

But tonight, with all the pieces gathered, I took some time to put together our winter decorations!  There are only three things that need to be put away after Christmas, and the rest can wait until we're tired of them :)

Want to see the Project Jumanji winter 'decor'?

Our mantlepiece - mostly greenery and snow, with a couple of poinsettia blooms.
The candles are a mix of real and fake, flickering ones.  

The Elf clothing in our kitchen
Subtlety was key in the Music Room.
I changed out some regular pics
for Winter themed ones.
This bowl sits on the dining room
table as our centrepiece
(until I build a wooden one!)

Christmas ornaments
& a snowy tree
Jingle bells in the
Music Room
Our backdoor mirror
Close up of the mantle

Now, don't go giving me sh*t for not having a Christmas tree.  We've had a live (but miniature) one for the last two years, and for 5 years before that, I wrestled with a beautiful big clunker of a tree.  They're so gorgeous, but they're simply a lot more work than I felt like doing this year. Plus... I like that I can enjoy nearly everything we put together for much longer than 3 or 4 weeks!

The other thing I was going to do, I haven't gotten to doing it yet (surprise, surprise).  I stole some wood from the Farm and am going to make something I saw on Pinterest.  It was going to be for on the mantle, but there's no room!  I'm sure we'll find a spot once I get it done (likely the Music Room), but now there's no rush :)


  1. Beautiful decorations, especially the Mantle. And you can always count on our Christmas Tree when you need a place for Santa to deliver to. L - D.

    1. Merci! The mantle is much more 'full' than it's ever been, and I think it makes up for the lack of tree. Can't wait to see yours all finished! Xoxo