Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Backside nails

But progress is progress, right?

When we last left the renovation... three days ago... I had gotten stuck.

I had to wait for the wise words of "Ralph" to come visit, and here's why

In opening up everything we had, 97% of me said that there were no structural properties to the VERY solid TRUE 2x4 posts that were framing up the closet.  The other 3% of me was afraid that pulling the posts down would actually turn out to be the straw that breaks the camels back.

BUT, "Ralph" (a wise lady I'm blessed to know) came over, took a look, and assured us that we were fine.  SO..... 

This took 1.5hrs

"How could that have taken so long", you ask?

Well, we chopped the front corner post first... wiggle wiggle wiggle, and out it came.

Then we started to tackle the back post that was against the back wall, and spent the next 1hr kicking it, pulling it, wrestling it away from the wall.

Tomorrow the HVAC guy comes to move the furnace pipe to the back corner there, and install a humidifier to rid us of static-dog!
... and then we tear apart the front section

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