Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pipe moved, humidity added!

I'm a little low on energy for a Thursday night, but here are the hilites of the adventure today

The adventure where I was at work, trying to envision the furnace pipe moving problems happening at home, sans photos.

Long and short of it is, this house, and every project I try, never seems to go as planned.  But I guess that's how we learn, right?

Instead of simply moving the furnace pipe, boot and register back to the corner of the old pantry... it had to be "jigged" (our technical term) out into the fridge area and then up.  Why you ask?  Because the upstairs had many many pieces of wood there which all appeared to be doing something of importance.  AND because I didn't want the vent in the middle of where we walk upstairs anymore.

Am I pleased about this?  Not especially.  But I didn't have any choices really (and don't try to tell me we did, lol - it's done now). 

So I'm going to have to do a little redesign of the hoosier cabinetry that I'm building... but I think it'll work out fine in the end.  

Tucked into the back corner.
You can kind of see the 'jigging' to the fridge side
This is looking up from underneath.
The hole is where the old register was, looking upstairs


  1. Too bad it didn't quite work out but when you re-design the cabinet and install it, no one but you (and everyone else who reads this) will be the wiser. It'll look great. Good job. L - D.

    1. Thanks :) Luckily, I have lots to do before I'm at the stage of building the cabinet... so I have that much more time to redesign it! Xoxo