Sunday, March 9, 2014

Lady-Do... Demolition

Well, we did it.  Most of it.

We only ate 6-8 brownies between us.

It was dusty.  There were tight spaces to manoeuvre.  It was quite well built with attention to detail (door trim on the INSIDE of the cupboard). 

... and I didn't cut myself :)

We didn't get it finished, but that's a story for another day (when I can tell you the ending at the same time)...

Partly empty pantry
No stuff, no shelves,
... no door

Side view w/ front done
Plaster down
Outside lathe down
Inside down

We did it in two stages - the front trim, plaster and lathe... and then the side.  

After my Mum left, I managed to wrangle out the baseboards from the inside of the closet that were stuck in pretty tight (the tile had been installed without removing them).  

I actually think I should have just ripped the tiles out that are in there (as 4 will have to be replace/refitted), but I'm sure the guy coming to move the furnace pipe back to the wall will have better tools for this. . . and perhaps greater strength.

Thank goodness for weekends, eh?


  1. Piece by piece! Great start! Welcome to the world of having a fridge somewhere that it doesn't belong LOL may it not last long!

    1. It certainly was a challenge cooking dinner tonight! I felt like a caged monkey (as the fridge didn't get put out into the dining room or anything, lol)