Saturday, March 29, 2014

Quick update: Fridge!

Guess what came today.... our new fridge!  Yayyyy!!

It's much tinier than the other monster (that's now sitting in the dining room - anyone want a 30" fridge?), and one of the best parts is that it's counter depth so it's set back into the nook better.  The previous one actually stuck out beyond the doorway to the dining room by a few inches.  It was kind of a distraction from the beautiful woodwork of the door trim.

Not anymore!

You can see that it's tucked behind the door trim now, and is also less wide by nearly a full tile!

Yes, it means less room for food and random condiments, but who really needs 8 types of salad dressing?  We happen to live across the street from a grocery store, so we can just hop over and grab what we need as we need it anyways.

The only trouble will be with parties and food prep - something we run into 1-3x per year.  We'll test it out on Dining Barn 3 this summer  :)


  1. Holy crap what a lot of extra space beside it! That's great - what are you going to fill it with?

    1. Crazy, eh? If all goes well....