Sunday, April 6, 2014

Framing: Never again

I've found something I hate about renovation work, more than I hate putty and sanding chores.

Framing around a furnace pipe with a bend in it.

First - I've never done any framing.  Period.  Second - I wanted to minimize the space that was lost, so it was more complicated than just going floor to ceiling around it.  Such a pain.

BUT, it's done.

The top angle closed in
And the bottom, all done!


Please reserve all judgement, as we had to get a bit creative with some of it.  I won't even show you the under and other side.  Oh dear.

Next up is getting some subfloor put down, and then the drywall, putty, sand, etc... then tiling will be the next "new" task we get to accomplish.

In the meantime, there's a whole other list of things to keep moving on.  And I have to finish the design drawings for the 'cabinet' that we're putting in.  Both of us have already found that we're going to appreciate having a counter there to put things on when digging through the fridge... so that's some great motivation to keep going.

In other news... Poka has taken to waking GW up early on the weekends at whatever time suits her.  I try to call her down to the living room around 8am, but she usually goes outside and then goes back up, waits 30 minutes, and starts running around the bedroom.  The worst part of it is that she includes jumping up on the bed in her circle of the room, thus essentially jumping on GW to get him up.  For no good reason.

Today, I outsmarted her using the secret door.  She knows the door is there, but doesn't know how to open it - thank goodness!

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