Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Destruction done!

This post is a few days overdue (sorry Mom!) but I have been pummelled by a migraine in various levels of misery since Sunday.  Thankfully, we had actually gotten most of this done before the weekend was out, but I didn't have the energy to post it.

So what was done?  Everything to get us to the point of rebuilding the pantry again.  Yay!!!

Where we left off...
Taking out the last bit.
Gone!  Tile next...

It was a bit tricky getting the faux header posts off as I didn't want to damage any of the ceiling. We're trying to leave the lathe & plaster where we can, as it's simply too big of a job to take it all down... and once you crack it in one spot, it kind of just keeps going.

Only one minor injury :)
Tile fun
I also managed to get the tiles out!  They were installed after the closet was put in, so they weren't something we could leave.  Okay, let me correct that.  We could have left it, and built the cabinet to go over it, but I didn't want to have to compromise my design for something else.  Also, working with a level floor will hopefully make the cabinet that little bit easier.

I chipped them out slowly but surely, and now we just have to start rebuilding this all.  Woo hoo?


  1. Replies
    1. Nope :) Mom!
      GW was talking to the North on Sunday and I had said that I'd be getting a post done... and I didn't.

  2. Good job!

    I knew who you were talking to :)

    Did you give any thought to putting the new fridge in front of the furnace pipe? If it would fit, that would make a lot of sense in order to hide the pipe. Plus it would give you that nice open space on the other side where the fridge used to be. You may've told me already the reasons not to put it there, but I've forgotten.

    Sorry about your head.

    1. I had pondered putting it in front of the pipe... but then it sticks out into the room, and kind of defeats part of the purpose of getting a counter depth fridge. I'm very happy that I can't see the new one from the living room right now. It's a small thing, but it's nice :)
      Head is down to a 1-2/10 now... finally.