Saturday, September 5, 2015

Post-August Wrap-Up!

Holy cow!  How long has it been?!  I’m so sorry!!  Summer literally slipped away for us, although I’d hazard to guess it was the same for all of you too?  I guess that means that everyone has been out having fun, which is important before the big Canadian weather starts to move in … not too quickly though, I hope!

I thought I’d do a recap post of our summer as a whole, including whatever building, crafting, and travelling projects we’d done.  I’m going to try and keep it mostly photos, and again leave it to you if you want to hear more about a specific project.

I think after I last wrote, I got quite caught up in wedding crafting/planning and really focused on that – yes, it’s kind of a 3rd job I do from time to time.  After putting together the décor for a wedding on the August long weekend, I hunkered down to work on a personal wood item for my cousin’s upcoming wedding.  She wanted a guestbook to hang on the wall, and that her guests would place their inked thumbprints on – I’m sure you’ve seen the sort.  I actually bought myself a smart-phone projector from the UK (pretty neat!) and projected the image onto the wood instead of free-handing it.  It took long enough to get the wood the way I wanted it, so I wasn’t about to take the risk!

After my previous sewing successes, I decided most recently that we needed two more pillows for our sunroom bench!  The number of pillows we had out there was sufficient, but that’s not the same as being ‘cozy’, so I dreamed up a plan to use some leftover material and make two new covers.  I like ‘em!

I also got one big section of the kitchen hoosier completed!  Once I had the idea in my head, even though I had told myself I was done with the hoosier for a bit (there are some commissioned projects I need to get done), the tea shelf just kept screaming from the back corner of my brain.  So down I went, and put my energy into action.  I ended up making it less deep than I had originally intended, and I hope that it was a good choice.  The reason being that when I left it the original depth, it made the hoosier seem awfully imposing in it’s space.  I know it only felt that way because we’re used to having nothing in there right now… but I think having the cabinet ‘full depth’ and the tea and horizontal shelving less deep will make it feel like there’s more room on the countertop there. 

GW also contributed to the woodworking this past month.  While I was at work, he planned, shopped for and put together a wood storage rack (shed?) for the firewood we've gathered for our fireplace.  It's tucked behind the garage and is a great place to keep it protected before we bring the pieces in to the house for burning in the fall and winter.  Can't wait!


In between all of that (and working, and migraining – yup, I’m going to make it a verb now)… we also managed to take a wonderful trip with my parents to San Francisco!!  I was pleasantly surprised that the flights there and back didn’t seem long, and we were able to go from our home town to Toronto then onward by air… so no driving!  SF itself is a great city – lots to see and do, and eat!  I’m pretty sure I put on weight while down there (at least some pants sure don’t fit the way they used to) but it was worth it :) 

SO, as we embark on the “return to school” and the return of cozy sweaters, apple picking and football… how did your summer go?

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