Monday, October 12, 2015

Hoosier progress

I can't believe it, I'm finally ready to say - the base of the hoosier is done!  It's a big accomplishment for me, as it challenged me to do a few things I'd never done before.  Aside from "make a cabinet", the foreign particulars included making a face frame and doors, making drawers with old-fashioned sliders, and installing pre-made sliders on other drawers.

Last weekend, I had a break from working on the commissioned dining room table I'm making (more to come on that in a future post!) and so I went down to the woodshop to get moving on the interior drawers of the hoosier.

The last update I shared with you was about how I built the drawers and the old-fashioned slider rails to get us some more usable storage space.  The two drawers I built this time were for the interior of the cabinet and to start getting things off of the bookshelf that we've been using as a "pantry" for months and months now (sorry Dear!)

I built the bottom drawer first, and it thankfully turned out to be pretty basic.  The cans certainly are heavy but the slides I used (those 'basic' white ones) are rated for 75lbs, so I'm sure it'll hold okay.  The second drawer up higher had to have both slides mounted on it's side as there isn't any support area on the left side (simply because of the cabinet having to fit around the furnace pipe back there).  I used some inspiration from The Family Handyman website for ones that they've made for going underneath the kitchen sink.

Taa Daa!  The both slide okay, although feel a little heavy.  To be honest, they ARE heavy,
but definitely useful!

Now… it's on to building the upper cabinet (again around the furnace pipe, and with open shelves and also a stained glass door) and then the shelving that goes above the hoosier and over the fridge.

Until then, the Waugh Woodshop has a couple of projects on the go.  The dining room table has been delivered, but the commissioned list isn't done yet - which is a very good thing :)

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